You agree to bear and not endanger Codeiva from various claims resulting from the use of our services. Codeiva is not responsible for the files, data, content of websites of Codeiva service users. All services provided by Codeiva can only be used for lawful purposes (not breaking the law). Use of our services to violate copyright or trademark is prohibited. This also includes distributing unauthorized copies of copyrighted books, photographs or other works. Any accounts found to be in breach of someone else's copyright will be suspended immediately. And all accounts found to be repeatedly infringing copyright regardless of the warning will be removed from our service.

Users are NOT allowed to load and publish content that contains:

1. Pornography, racism, humiliation and general immorality

2. Matters that can cause conflict, anxiety and terror

3. Copyright material without the permission of the owner

4. Material that can be used for things that disturb all parties

5. Ponzy, pyramid Scheme and other forms of fraud

6. Phishing, auto likes, auto bots and the like.

7. Other materials that are not in accordance with the laws and regulations of the Republic of Indonesia

We reserve the right to refuse to provide our services to anyone. We may remove all content included in the above description from the projects we are working on with or without notice.

Resource Policy

Codeiva will not set specific limits for resources and you can use the required resources. However Codeiva uses a fair use policy (Fair Usage Policy) that applies to all accounts. Codeiva Fair Usage Policy explains that if you use resources in the form of CPU, RAM, and Disk Space from a server excessively which causes disruption of usage to other hosting accounts on the same server, then the resources will be limited or in some cases, but not necessarily , your account may be deactivated before you upgrade your account to a package more suited to your needs or troubleshoot so that the use of resources on the account no longer causes interference to other users on the same server. Codeiva does not allow the use of websites or applications that can cause disruption (such as excessive use of addon domains and databases) and continuous server overload.


Domain registration policy is fully used on behalf of Codeiva. If the client wants to use on personal behalf "allowed", provided that Codeiva is not responsible for the domain.

Domain registration is done simultaneously with the web service configuration process. For a list of available domains, they are: com, id, org, online, xyz, live, digital, me, link, email, click, tech. site, space, website, store, net, uno, host, fun, press, asia, design.

Apart from this list, additional documents and processes will be required in the registration process, for more information, please contact our support.

Web Service

Every project that uses a web service, for the billing process is running when the project starts. This was done because when the project was running it required a trial run on the web service system, so that it was recorded in the billing.

Maintenance Policy

Maintenance of products and services is carried out according to the conditions in the package chosen by the client. If, outside of the terms of the package chosen, the client can place an order again through the "Add on" service.

Payment and Late

You agree to provide correct payment information when ordering our products or services. Your order will be processed as soon as payment confirmation is made (maximum 24 hours on working days).

All orders will be processed the day after confirmation of payment. If you do not pay for more than 24 hours, your order processing will be suspended.

All accounts that are disabled / suspended (either for reasons of abuse or have not made a payment) for more than 21 days will be permanently deleted. Codeiva does not provide backups of suspended accounts for not making payments.

All Codeiva invoices will be added with a unique code to facilitate payment validation and service activation. All unique code fees will be borne by the Buyer irrevocably.

In some types of payments there are administrative costs that are fully borne by the client.

Warranty Terms

Codeiva provides guarantees for products and services 2 months from the date the products and services are processed. The terms of this warranty include:

1. Errors caused by the system

2. Services that are not in accordance with the provisions provided

3. The content does not match the design needs at the beginning

Codeiva reserves the right not to guarantee complaints or damage not in accordance with the provisions above.


Applicable for android and web application development. In this case, we are using a proprietary license.

Basically, this license is equivalent to a personal use license, where the client has the right to use it for personal use (not to be resold or modified).

For every android and web application development service product, we include an EULA (End User License Aggrement) document

The client does not give the right to modify the project that has been created. We apply this to make it easier for us to simplify system maintenance.

Promo Terms

Codeiva provides many promos every day. All promotions on Codeiva are only valid for a fixed time limit unless there are provisions that explain further about the promo.

Backup and Loss Data

You use this service at your own risk. We are not responsible for lost and / or damaged files that may occur (including, for example, from a system crash, security breach, or hard disk and system failure), unless it occurs while it is still under maintenance.


Codeiva is not responsible for any damage that may occur to your business. Codeiva does not provide any warranty, either express or implied on the services we provide. This includes loss of data caused by delays, non-delivery, wrong delivery and any and all service interruptions caused by Codeiva and its employees.

Codeiva does not serve taking access rights or domain ownership and hosting with developers. If you have a problem with a developer (developer is blurred / unreachable), you must contact the developer to solve it personally.

Codeiva contracts only with clients who make prepayments or clients who register for our service. Therefore, requests for email changes, order access, and order transfer can only be processed if the request is sent via a registered email account in which the order is contained.

Changes to the Terms of Service

Codeiva reserves the right to change its policies at any time without notice.

Codeiva and users agree to resolve disputes by deliberation to reach consensus. If the dispute cannot be resolved by deliberation, it will be resolved in accordance with the applicable legal provisions in Indonesia.

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